When artificial intelligence meets blockchain, is it human self-salvation?

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Dr. Ben Goertzel is the developer and CEO, chairman of the American General Artificial Intelligence Conference, consultant of Singularity University, vice chairman of Humanity + World Superman Association, etc. SingularityNET is an (AI) market project based on a decentralized blockchain. He described the project as a medium for the creation and emergence of artificial intelligence (AGI), and a way to promote superior artificial intelligence as a service to every vertical market and make everyone in the world contribute to it. And benefit from artificial intelligence.

Blockchain. News interviewed Dr. Goertzel. In the first break of the interview, we discussed the development and philosophical aspects of AI and AGI.


Development of artificial intelligence:


For many people, machines with human learning and development abilities and increasing computing power are frightening. Will these machines replace us, will we be able to control them, or will we merge with computers, and how far is this future?


Although (AI) does describe the simulation of human intelligence by machines, most of the AI ​​we encounter in daily life are complex mathematical algorithms, such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa called “narrow artificial intelligence.” Their intelligence is relatively weak, and they can perform basic tasks, but only within a particular framework.


Goertzel has a higher goal of trying to create a more powerful type of (AI), also known as general artificial intelligence (AGI). This AI system can absorb human learning and cognition. He explained: “AGI refers to an AI that performs a much higher level of generalization than what it learns and sees, which means it can imagine guessing about the elements of the new experience domain. At this point, we have forced to deal with sudden The world of circumstances is extremely important. “


Things become exciting; in addition to artificial general intelligence, there is also ultra-artificial intelligence (ASI)-which challenges humans about human existence. Goertzel said: “The next step of super artificial intelligence is to surpass general artificial intelligence. Compared with the software products currently on the market, humans currently have more general intelligence. However, humans are by no means the most intelligent systems. I think, With the continuous development of AI, you will see that AI is much smarter than people, just like we are much smarter than monkeys, mice, or bugs. But I mean, from the narrow artificial intelligence used to general artificial intelligence, To ultra-artificial intelligence, we need to a series of practical steps. “He continued,” This is what we are doing. SingularityNE’s project is about how to move from the current stage to the next stage of evolution. that is, quite simple narrow artificial intelligence to powerful general-purpose artificial intelligence.but also pay attention: avoid falling into the chaotic global political party-we need a decentralized general knowledge. “


Singularity in Singularity NET:


As Dr. Goertzel revealed, “The Singularity in SingularityNET refers to the kind of future foreseen by Verner Vinge. Ray Kurzweil-it popularized it as a moment when technological progress becomes so fast that Words are just a moment, which will happen after general artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans. Artificial intelligence will replace humans for inventions. “


Artificial Intelligence the moment when technology starts to develop so quickly, this seems to be a compelling moment in the human brain, and this will happen through AGI becoming smarter than humans… “

Stephen Hawking warned attendees at a conference in Lisbon that the development of artificial intelligence may become “the bad event in the EV of our civilization.” He implied what he called the “technical singularity” Many expert wise men of our time, including Tesla’s Elon Musk and neuroscientist Sam Harris, have carried out many predictive innovations lectures. They have minded this may be the beginning of our doom. Artificial intelligence will eventually replace us altogether. And maybe even worse in the process of commanding us. If there is no value, directly abandon us, just like HAL 9000 left aerospace. The life of the staff, in turn, supports the completion of the “Discovery One” mission. (Blockchain. News Note: HAL 9000 is a fictional character appearing in the novel “Space Odyssey” by British novelist Arthur Clark).

Goertzel does not agree with this end of the world view. What he saw was the opportunity for humans and machines to develop together. He said: “It is almost sure that artificial intelligence will be smarter than humans. However, humans will be able to follow artificial intelligence and effectively integrate thinking with artificial intelligence. -Elon Musk and others are also working with his company Neuralink. I want to say that, in a sense, those who choose not to integrate with artificial intelligence will indeed leave behind because they will no longer be the universe. One of the smartest creatures in the area. “


Artificial intelligence human sympathy:

Artificial intelligence will become much smarter than humans, but this fact does not necessarily mean that artificial intelligence poses a danger to humans. Goertzel explained: “It all depends on how they. What we want is to treat human artificial intelligence with compassion. Why on SingularityNET, we are so focused on creating common ways to control artificial intelligence thinking. Because If the first truly general artificial intelligence is controlled by a military organization or an advertising company. then in terms of gathering useful general intelligence, compassionate super-minded intelligence, this may not be the best choice.”


So how do you put compassion into the machine? How do you teach AI about resonance and abstraction, such as the concept of love? The reality is that even for humans, we cannot show or express these concepts with any real consistency. Goertzel said: “You are unlikely to program empathy into artificial intelligence code; these things will be learning by artificial intelligence. Compassion will appear in the process of artificial intelligence interacting with the world (including the human and physical world). Artificial intelligence is very similar to children; you will not give emotions or compassion to children; they will get emotions or compassion through interaction with the world.” He added: “Therefore, the task of artificial intelligence is to build learning systems and self-organization systems, organize your thoughts, your feelings, and your sympathy in a suitable way. Artificial is complicated, but the Internet is involved, your mobile phone is involved, and your laptop is also complicated. I mean Human beings have constructed many complicated things, and these things confused people working together. “


When comparing the development of artificial intelligence with young children, I will naturally take into account the number of children who have grown into common illnesses—often making impulsive decisions or violating rules with little guilt or guilt. Goertzel admits: “According to the mechanical system of each part of human beings, human beings are indeed a convoluted mess with both positive and negative aspects. I think the best way we can do this is to spread artificial intelligence to all parts of the world And expose all aspects of Humanity to artificial intelligence and ensure that it moves in a positive direction. “


In comparing AI like a child’s growth, I couldn’t help but consider the number of children who grew up with social diseases-often making impulsive decisions or violating rules, with little or no internal or unethical behavior. Goertzel admits: “According to the value system of each part of human beings, human beings must be a complex and chaotic situation, with both positive and negative aspects. I think the best thing we can do is to put AI around the world And expose it to all aspects of Humanity and make sure it is biased in a positive direction. “

Goertzel is the father of four children and the grandfather of one child. Based on his experience, he said: “Protect them from all the bad things in the world to a certain extent. They can only do something because eventually, they will go out and interact with some harsh reality. But you can guide. They choose a positive direction.


According to Goertzel, our future reality is that no matter what, general artificial intelligence will come? What we can do is to ensure that general (AI) is not only serving the various whims of powerful central institutions but also providing. That is instilled Compassion for Humanity, and he said: “(AI) is going to use for military functions, it’ll use for advertising and even crime. We should make sure that computer science also will be widely employed in education, agriculture, health care, or scientific discovery. Artificial intelligence will integrate all these things into itself And can constitute an overall picture of human values ​​and culture, thus forming a strong tendency towards compassion. “


Let’s work hard:


Goertzel clarified that in the future, the creation of global intelligence for general artificial intelligence would not only done by his SingularityNET team. But it will also be the joint work of a large number of (AI) and technology developers, as well as (AI) agents.


He said: “If Singularity plays a vital role, then we need to expand SingularityNET’s user base on a large scale-we must promote large-scale adoption of the decentralized network we have launched. After two years of work, we have a good version of the SingularityNET platform.SingularityNET is a decentralized management network, managed and controlled democratically, which means that the artificial intelligence network is controlled by (AI) agents in the system rather than an external unit. He concludes: “If humans want to realize the transition from artificial intelligence to general artificial intelligence and then to super (AI) in a democratic and participatory way, later networks like SingularityNET must play an important role. it is easy to understand this, but it can see from the actual operation that there is still a great of work to be done to adopt this platform.”

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