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Spanish government puts private social insurance firms at the sets of the districts.

The Government has decided to carry out unprecedented measures in health matters in the recent history of Spain.

Minister Salvador Illa announced last night in an appearance by the four ministers appointed to manage the state of alarm.

The first, of enormous significance, involves the intervention of private healthcare to place it at the service of the National Health System.

It will be the health advisers of all the autonomous communities who will be able to have “all the necessary means” of the private system to face the epidemic.

They will not be the only resources that communities can use from now on, under the command of the Ministry of Health.

“All public and private spaces may also enable” that may be necessary to temporarily turn them into new places of assistance to care for the sick.

The first of the three orders approved this Sunday ends with a third labor-type measure aimed at reinforcing the human resources of health centers, slowly decimated by the infections and quarantines caused by the virus.

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The standard establishes that all the students in their fourth year of residency of specialties such as internal medicine, intensive medicine, and geriatrics, among others, “will see their contracts extended.”

Likewise, “rotations are suspended,” and the hiring of doctors who have failed to complete their specialty after passing the resident doctor tests (MIR) is authorized.

Fight Against the coronavirus Spain News

The second order is intending to ensure that the SNS has all the goods and services available in Spain that may be useful in the fight against the coronavirus.

The Government gives companies and individuals a term of 48 hours that have or can manufacture materials such as diagnostic equipment, face masks, protective glasses, gloves, and other medical and pharmacological products “to bring it to the attention” of the authorities, under the threat of sanctions for those who don’t. Until now, these data were provided daily by the ministry, although the communities also updated them when they considered it convenient, which at various times has created some confusion about some data.

According to Illa, data will be offered only once at mid-morning and daily by the Ministry of Health.

Other measures were advance at the press conference of the four ministers designated as the competent authority during the state of alarm – Health, Transport and Mobility, Defense, and Interior – after the approval of the Royal Decree last Saturday.

José Luis Ábalos, head of Transportation, reported a 50% reduction in public Transportation of air, sea, and road travelers.

In the case of Renfe, the discount will be 85% because, the addition to lowering offer to 50%, the capacity of the trains is reduced to a third to guarantee the distance between passengers.

“A drastic reduction in mobility will involve inconvenience and sacrifice, but the reduction in risk commits us all,” said the minister.

The autonomous communities may set the reduction they deem appropriate in regional and urban public transport, provided that “they guarantee that citizens can access their work and basic services.”

The head of Defense, Margarita Robles, for her part, announced that an agreement would be reached with all the autonomous communities to serve the homeless during the state of alarm, for which access to food will also be guaranteed.

The Government of Spain, also called the Government of the Nation, is the constitutional body that heads the executive power of the Kingdom of Spain and directs the General State Administration.

He is in charge of leading domestic and foreign policy, civil and military administration, and defense of the State, as well as exercising the executive function and regulatory power following the Constitution and the laws.

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